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GrandPitstop PnP Hazard Flasher/Light (Hazard Module+Control Switch) - 20 Patterns for KTM

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MRP: 2000

Selling Price: 999/-

Product Dimension : 25.4 x 20.3 x 5.1 cm

Weight : 400g

Compatibility: DUKE 390 (All models),  RC 390 (All models), DUKE 250 ( Till 2018), DUKE 200 ( Till 2017), RC 200 ( Till 2017)

Hazard Flasher- A Safety Device with 20 Different Patterns. During Night Rides, Heavy Fog and Long Travels, these Hazard Flashers are used for alerting surrounding vehicles to be careful while driving.

Driving in bad weather. With your hazards on and rain or snow already blurring road visibility, other drivers may not be able to tell which lane you’re in or if you’re changing lanes. Turn on your headlights and taillights in normal weather instead. If the weather is bad enough that you feel hazard lights are truly necessary, pull off the road and stop until conditions improve.

Driving in Night Rides. Your hazard flasher can make you more visible at night. During night time, it becomes difficult to see upcoming vehicles from a distance. Hazard Flasher with different patterns make sure your bike is visible.

The Hazard Flasher by GrandPitstop is Easy to Install, has 20 Different Flashing Patterns and has OverRide Feature. These features make it one of the best products for your Motorcycle. They are compatible with Royal Enfield Bikes

Key Features:

Vehicle compatibility: DUKE 390 (All models),  RC 390 (All models), DUKE 250 ( Till 2018), DUKE 200 ( Till 2017), RC 200 ( Till 2017)

Best used in Heavy Rainfall, Foggy conditions, During Storms, Mountain Driving, Highway Breakdowns.

Flashes all 4 indicators which makes the motorbike visible in extreme weather conditions

20 different flashing patterns with different styles (slow, quick and patrolling flash)

Detailed Features:

1. 20 Different Patterns

This particular Hazard Flasher has 20 Different Patterns making it visible from a Long Distance. These patterns are unique and vary in frequency making sure vehicles at a distance are alert while moving in the same direction.

2. Plug n Play

These Hazard Flashers are Easy to Install in your Motorcycle. One just needs to remove the Headlamp and connect the Flasher Module and the Control Switch to the Bike Module and it would be ready to work! The connectors are easy to connect and requires very less effort.

3. OverRide Feature

While the Hazard Flasher lights are working, one can still use the Indicator Lights. When Indicator Lights are switched ON while the Hazard Flasher are also ON, the Hazard Flasher goes into Stand By mode and the Indicator Lights start working. After the turn, when the Indicator Lights switch OFF(automatically/manually), Hazard Flasher starts working automatically again.

4. Night Visibility

The Hazard Flasher makes your Motorcycle Visible at night. Improper visibility and bad weather at night increases the chance of an accident. A flashing light from a distance makes it imminent for a vehicle to be cautious of the approaching Bike


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