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GRoller FAQ

Frequently asked questions - GRoller

Q) Does GRoller work with my motorcycle?

Ans) GRoller comes is three versions and it depends upon the weights and width of your bike- GRoller Small <170 kg and width <170mm  (here),  GRoller Medium <220kg and width <180mm (here) and GRoller Large <270 kg and width <240mm (here)

Q) Do I need to start the engine while using GRoller?

Ans) No, GRoller is meant to be used by rotating the wheel manually by hand. We highly recommend not to start the engine while using the GRoller.

Q) Does GRoller have a warranty?

Ans) Yes, GRoller has a 6 months warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty covers everything except physical damage.

Q) Does the rollers get affected after repeated use?

Ans) No, GRoller has robust steel and aluminum construction to ensure it runs smoothly even after years of use.

Q) Is my motorcycle stable on GRoller?

Ans) Yes, Please read the instruction and guidelines on how to use GRoller given in the manual carefully.

Q) Is GRoller portable?

Ans) Yes, all our rollers are portable. GRoller Small weighs only about 700 grams and measures only about 6 inches. GRoller Medium weighs about 900grams and measures about 7 inches. GRoller Largeweighs 1.6kgs and measures about 9 inches.

Q) Does Groller works on a rough surface?

Ans) Yes, Groller comes with rubber strips. It has an anti-skid backing.

Q) Do you ship to India?

Ans) Yes, we do. No matter where do you live, a product will reach directly to your place.

Q) If in case I’m not able to use it, will you assist?

Ans) Yes, Just write it down an email with a specific problem(here). We will revert you shortly.

* For any other query please contact us on our email (here).