Parking Solutions-BikeGlide

Move &  park motorcycles effortlessly !!

Glide your 435 kg  motorcycle effortlessly into tight parking spots with GrandPitstop’s BikeGlide, a heavy duty Motorcycle dolly

Puncture & Inflation Solutions

Never fear the FLAT !!

Fix puncture in < 1 min with revolutionary plug technology and compact CO2 Inflation Kit to Inflate Tyre. Be unstoppable with GrandPitstop's Puncture Repair Kits.

Maintenance Solution - GRoller

Rotate wheel quickly and easily for chain & wheel maintenance !!

Time to replace Paddock stand with compact, safer and quicker GRoller


"BikeGlide - Works wonderfully for my 440kg GoldWing"

I bought BikeGlide for my Honda GoldWing F6B and have been using it for around a year. It works wonderfully and has made my life easy. A very useful product.

Arvind Shinde - Pune (Honda-GoldWing -Rider)

Puncture and Inflation Kit - An absolute must for motorcycle tourers”

Used this on my ride to Ladakh, got me through 2 punctures. In adverse situation - rain, cold, high altitude, manual pumping is pain and as far as battery powered compressors go, rough riding might loose solder and thus non functional. This on the other hand is small to keep handy in your saddle bag.     Go get it! :-)

Vipin M. (Ducati - Scrambler Rider)

BikeGlide - A blessing for parking"

#To all the Bikers.. BikeGlide is a must buy for all biker brothers to utilise small parking areas be it a garage, verandah or society parking. Its a great space saver. It works like a turntable for my motorcycle and I can easily take my bike out of parking. It's a blessing for me to say the least.

Rohan Chibbar - Delhi (RC8 R Rider)

GRoller - Much better than Paddock stand with same utility"

Can't imagine a better innovative design to rotate motorcycle wheel easily for quick chain and tyre maintenance. It's small and portable design allows you to carry it with you on ride. It's a single person job and much safe to handle.

Gitansh - Delhi (Triumph Rider)

Puncture Kit - Must buy for those who love travelling"

Was searching for a reliable puncture kit from a long time. A great life saver! Thanks to Indian roads which throw anything atleast you now have a solution. The local strips start leaking in 4 months while this is permanent solution.

Tried and Tested - Excellent Product

Aditya - Mumbai (KTM Rider)

"Pocket Plugger Puncture kit - Really loved ease of using it"

Purchased at Bosch Car service exhibition in Bangalore, really loved the ease of using it. It's like magic happening in minutues. Much superior than old puncute strip technology

Deepak - Bangalore (Car Service Centre Owner)

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Wheel Chock

A motorcycle stand which holds your motorcycle upright in parking. Useful for cleaning and space management