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Paddock Dismantable Orange & Bobbins Combo Dual Cap

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Do your Simple work of maintenance easily with GrandPitstop's Rear Paddock Stand.

This Motorcycle Rear Paddock Stand can be used for Bikes with or without Spools. It is width adjustable to fit virtually all sport bikes - KTM, Ducati, Hayabusa, Triumph, Honda CBR, Harley Davidson Street 750 and others. 
The paddock stand comes in three parts which can be easily assembled into one by tightening two nut bolts. When not in use, it can be broken into 3 parts and stored easily- taking less space. Made to last long, this stand is constructed primarily of heavy-duty steel. 
The Paddock Stand comes with two attachments - Rotatable Padded Swingarm Rests and Bobbin Fork Mount. (Bobbins not Included)

Typical Application:
- Chain Cleaning
Chain Lubrication
Inspecting Tyre for punctures
Wheel Cleaning and Maintenance

What makes this stand unique is :
the stand is engineered with a leverage ratio that makes it easy and simple to use without using any extra elongated bars.
the Rubber Padded Caps on the lower side which does not damages floor when stand makes an impact
twin interchangeable attachment for spooled and non spooled wheels
fully Breakable for easy storage
360 degree rotation of Swingarm Rest - Increased gripping of Swingarm
high quality double bearing wheels - for smooth lift and maximum stability under load
extra torsional supports - for increased rigidity of the stand



Designed to give the swing arm extra protection in case of a crash and to act as Swing Arm stand buttons. Bobbins can be easily bolted into the swinging arm thread mount and allow bikes to be lifted easily with paddock stand.

Our Bobbins work perfectly with our Rear Paddock Stand and with any other Paddock Stand. With the help of bobbins, fitting paddock stand to your bike becomes easy and at the same time it provides an extra style and color to your Swing Arm.

It is also very useful for bikes that have uneven Swing arm and thus helps in lifting the bike easily with a Paddock stand. 


Bolt Size:                                                     Compatible Bike:

6mm                                                              Aprilia , Yamaha Vmax

8mm                                                              Ducati, Ninja1000,Triumph Street

10mm                                                            KTM, Ninja (250,300)


Dimensions 13x50x50 cm
Weight 8000 g

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Only 18 left
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