Q) How stable is my motorcycle on BikeGlide ?

Ans) Very - as it is on normal ground. Locks on BikeGlide's wheels restrains movement of parked motorbike. Additionally, BikeGlide has a safety strap to secure your motorcycle to it.

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Puncture and Inflation Solutions FAQs

Q) How effective is mushroom plug compared to conventional kits ?

Ans) Very, Mushroom plugs are better as compared to conventional puncture kits because it seals not only the path of the puncture but the mushroom head becomes flat when the tyre is inflated, thereby sealing the inside of the puncture as well.

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GRoller FAQs

Q) Does GRoller work with my motorcycle?

Ans) GRoller comes is three versions and it depends upon the weights and width of your bike- GRoller Small <170 kg and width <170mm  (here),  GRoller Medium <220kg and width <180mm (here) and GRoller Large <270 kg and width <240mm (here)

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