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Combo of Chain Cleaning Brush & GR Chain Cleaner-160ml & GR Chain Lube-160ml & Dismantable Paddock Stand-Black

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GrandPitstop Chain Cleaning Brush for cleaning chain of Motorcycles / Bicycles / Bikes etc. Can be used for all Motorcycles. Made of high quality Plastic. Has appropriate hardness of bristles to remove any dirt on chain, Highly Durable & Reusable back brush to wipe.

GrandPitstop GRC-160ml: Keep your chain clean and pristine with GrandPitstop's GRC-160, the powerful chain cleaner in a 160ml bottle.

GrandPitstop GRL-160ml: Protect your chain from wear and tear with GrandPitstop's GRL-160, the chain lube that penetrates deep for long-lasting lubrication.

GrandPitstop's Dismantable Rear Paddock Stand is a versatile accessory that can fit on any bike. It has adjustable width, interchangeable attachments, and works with bikes that have or don't have spools. The Rubber Padded Swing arm Rest and Bobbin Fork Mounts provide customization options. Whether you're a serious rider or just starting, this stand is a must-have for quality and versatility.

Height 500 (mm)
Length 130 (mm)
No. Of Pieces 4
Weight 8125 (g)
Width 500 (mm)

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