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Electric Tyre Inflator - Car / Motorcycle

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Grandpitstop Electric Tyre Inflator Air Compressor Pump For Car And Motorcycle

Thiselectrictireinflator Is A Portable Air Compressor That Can Inflate A Bike/ Cartirequickly And Helps While Stuck On The Road. Never Get Stuck Because Of Flattiresmost Compact Design, Alsomore Efficientand Reliabletireinflatorin Its Class. Very Useful For Topping Uptheirpressure In Cars And Bikes (Especially During Summers).


  • Portable &Ndash; Compact In Size And Can Be Easily Stored In Less Space
  • Very Powerful Pump &Ndash; ( Will Inflate A Motorcycle/Car Tyre From 0-35 Psi In 5-10 Minutes) Excellent For Topping Up Car Tyres And Emergencies
  • Multiple Is Measuring Units &Ndash; Bar, Ps, Kpa And Kg/Cm^2
  • Can Be Connected To Car And Motorcycle (You Need An Additional Connector Port For Motorcycle)
  • Fast And Easy Inflation For Car, Motorcycle Amp; Bicycle Tires And Other Inflatable&Rsquo;S

How To Use

  • Plug The Power Connector To Car Socket / Motorcycle Battery Etc.
  • Connect The Air Hose Nozzle Tightly With Tire Valve.
  • Inspect Current Tire Pressure And Press On/Off Button To Start Inflating.
  • Check The Tire Pressure Reading On Dial Of The Machine, Manually Turn Off The Switch Once Desired Tire Pressure Has Been Reached.
  • Disconnect The Air Hose Nozzle And Pull Out The Power Plug From Socket.


Rating Voltage: Dc - 12V

Rating Power: 120W

Max. Current: 10A

Filling Range: Max340Kpa

The Gauge Accuracy: 220&Plusmn;15Kpa

Filling Time: Filling The 195/65R15 Tire From 0 To 35Psi The Filling Time Is 5 Minutes.

Cable Length: 3000&Plusmn;100 Mm

Hose Length: 380&Plusmn;20Mm

Ambient Temperature: -30&Deg;C~Ϲ?70&Deg;C

Product Size: 140X135X62Mm

Net Weight: 0.65Kg

Notes: The Unit Conversion 1Bar=100 Kpa 1Psi=6.89 Kpa


  • Confirming The Tyre Pressure Values Required Before Inflating.
  • In Order To Keep The Battery Has Enough Power, Please Do Not Close Car Engine During Using.
  • Please Close Down The Compressor At Once And Cool It For 20 Minutes If Any Abnormal Sound Or Excess Temperature Issuing.
  • Operator Shall Not Leave The Scene When Filling And Observe At Any Time To Prevent More Air Pressure From Inflating.
  • The Product Should Avoid Damp, Hard Fall, Flood And Sediment Immersion.
  • Dc Motor May Produce Edm On Working, Please Don'T Nearby Flammable Liquids Or Gases.
  • Please Don&Rsquo;T Insert The Air Hose Into The Mouth, Ear Or Eyes Of Person Or Animal For Inflating.
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