Universal Tyre Inflator with CO2 inflation cartridges : Tyre Inflation Solution

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Forget Bulky Air Pumps and switch to our modern day Universal Tyre Inflator Kit. Compressed CO2 gas cartridges allows you to fill your tyre completely with the blink of an eye!!

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Quickest way of filling tyres- just connect the adaptor to the valve and open the knob to release the gas into the tyre. The best solution to carry for your Ladakh Rides

Universal tyre inflator can be used for Tube as well as Tubeless Tyres


Key Features:

  • It can be used  on any tyre- Cars, Motorcycles, Scooties, Bicycles, ATVs, Golf Carts etc
  • Universal design works with all types of valves- Presta/Schrader
  • DIY, Easy to use- Just a two-step process
  • Most compact kit- Weighs <300 gm - Good bye to Huge Air pumps
  • One Cartridges can fill up to 9Litres of volume
  • Effective on the go solution - No stopping on your rides!


Technical Specifications:

  • Fills tyre in less than 30sec
  • Small – can fit in your pocket
  • Welded Seal CO2 cartridges – completely safe
  • Does not harm tyre in any way – 100% pure CO2 Gas
  • CO2 cartridges has 128psi pressure- can attain any desired pressure in tyre


Inside Box:

  • Adaptor
  • CO2 Cartridges (3)
  • Insulation Sleeve
  • User Manual
  • Connecting Pipe



  • When the welded seal on the canister is punctured, the canister's temperature immediately drops to -64 degrees F.
  • Please use insulation sleeve provided in the kit. Caution should still be taken not to let your skin come in contact with the metal. 
  • To AVOID FROST BURNS, always wear gloves.

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