Motul C1 Chain Clean (400 ml) with GrandPitstop Bike Chain Cleaning Brush

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Brush - Chain Cleaning Brush for cleaning chain of Motorcycles / Bicycles / Bikes etc. Can be used for all Motorcycles including KTM, Honda CBR, Suzuki, Yamaha, Bajaj Triumph, Ducati. Key Features: >Made of high quality Plastic. >Appropriate hardness >Durable >Excellent design, cleaning your chain. >Thoroughly used to clean the chain of bicycle, motorcycle, etc. >Reusable back brush to wipe. MotulC1400 : Motul C1 chain clean 400 ml spray cleans all types of motorcycle (road and off-road), quad and kart chains. Chlorine-free formula removes all encrusted deposits including sand, earth, oil and grease.

Note: The color of Brush may vary according to the availability of stock.