Free Chain Cleaning Brush with Motul Combo of C1 Chain Clean and C2 Chain Lube (150 ml) and Paddock Stand Replacement - GRoller Large (Bikes < 270 kgs) for Chain Cleaning and Lubrication

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Note: The color of Brush may vary according to the availability of stock.
Chain Cleaning Brush for cleaning chain of Motorcycles / Bicycles / Bikes etc. Can be used for all Motorcycles including KTM, Honda CBR, Suzuki, Yamaha, Bajaj Triumph, Ducati

Key Features:
>Made of high quality Plastic. 
>Appropriate hardness
>Durable >Excellent design, cleaning your chain. 
>Thoroughly used to clean the chain of bicycle, motorcycle, etc. 
>Reusable back brush to wipe. 

Large Roller 

Rotate your motorcycle’s wheels easily for chain cleaning, lubrication and tire maintenance with the perfect paddock stand replacement - GRoller. Just roll your bike onto Groller and rotate the tyre. Say good bye to the bulky Motorcycle Paddock Stands and get a compact GRoller of the size of a palm!

Ideal tool for: 
- Chain cleaning 
- Chain Lubrication 
- Inspecting Punctures 
- Tyre Maintenance
Like a Centre stand

> DIY, Easy to use 
> Same roller can be used for both front and rear wheels 
> Perfect companion for any ride - Compact and Light weight 
> Non-skid backing to prevent any chance of slipping 
> Rusting?? No Chance!! - Designed using sturdy stainless steel 
> 6 months product warranty

Three variants make it universal 
>Small: KTM, CBR, R15, R3, Dominar, MOJO
Medium:Triumph Street Triple, Ducati Scrambler, Yamaha etc
>Large: Hayabusa, FZ1, Ducati Diavel, Harley Street 750, Iron 883, Triumph, BMW etc

Technical Specification
- Weighs only 0.75 kg whereas Large one is 1.4 kg (Paddock Stands are over 3 kgs!)
- Compact enough to fit your palm and thus your bag ??- 31.8 X 27.9 X 8.9 cm
- Lifts bike only 1.4”off the ground – Extremely stable
- Large variant has a special groove for extra stability of large tyre 
- No chance of tyre slipping - Sealed ball bearings for smooth operation
- Sturdy steel and aluminum construction makes it robust and durable.