Grand Pitstop Gunkit To Repair You Tubeless Tyre Puncture With Zero Efforts For All Car And Bikes

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Afraid of puncture? Never fear the flat !!

Fully Automatic solution to fix puncture of a Tubeless Tyre !

GrandPitstop’s Tubeless Tyre Puncture Repair Kit - Gun helps you to fix punctures in less than a minute. Mushroom Plug Technology fused with modern day tools gives you freedom to ride without any fear of having Flat Tyre.


  • Ideal for any Tubeless Tyre- Cars, Motorcycles, Scooties, ATVs etc
  • DIY, Easy to use – no need for Puncture Guy
  • No need to remove tyre for fixing puncture
  • Fully Automatic- No additional sweat and efforts
  • Compact enough to join you for long rides
  • All tools are metallic, hence Durable


Technical Details:

  • It seals the inner liner and fills the path of the injury – Better Technology
  • Plugs are symmetric shaped for better sealing
  • Good enough to seal as big as 5.5mm hole
  • Does not have any adverse effects on wheel alignment


Inside the Box:

  • Gun
  • Probe tool
  • Nozzle
  • Mushroom Plugs (6)
  • Reamer tool
  • Cutter
  • User Manual
  • Rubber Cement


Why better than Conventional??

  • It is time saving and convenient to use on long road trips.
  • One person job and users can use it on their own- No visits to service stations
  • Tyre life is improved making the cost lesser
  • Provides permanent solution compared to conventional strips


Still not satisfied?? Let’s get more technical!

  • The rubber used for the plugs expands with air pressure so that it can provide complete Sealing.
  • Plug is 5/16 inches diameter X 3/4 inches length
  • Gun Kit weighs about 700 grams making it easy to carry
  • Quick Load and release mechanism



  • Make sure tyre is filled with air and is not completely flat before cutting the extra plug
  • While cutting extra portion of plug stem above the tyre, make sure that you have left 1-2 mm, this will help in better sealing

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