3M Rust Penetrant Lubricant Plus

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A multi-purpose light oil formulation for light maintenance and repair for use in automotive, marine, industrial and household markets. 3M RPL+ can be used for cleaning and light lubrication and for hand tools, power tools and light loaded moving joints and machine elements. 3M Scotch- Brite Handpad free with this.


  • Multi-purpose light oil aerosol formulae
  • Penetrant, de-moisturant, lubricant and prevents rust
  • Cleans and lubricates hinges, frees rusted bolts, displaces moisture
  • Excellent lubricant for delicate instruments, metal, plastic and rubber
  • Displaces moisture to dry out damp electrical parts
  • Improves electrical circuit conductivity
  • Handy snorkel tube facilitates easy application
  • Automotive, industrial, marine and home use