FAQs - Puncture and Inflation Solutions

Frequently asked questions - Puncture and Inflation Solutions

Q) Is mushroom plug a permanent solution ?

Ans) Yes, like a conventional puncture, mushroom plug is also a permanent solution. In fact, mushroom plug does a better sealing than conventional kits because it has a rivet type sealing action and seals not only the path the puncture but also inside of the puncture.

Q) How effective is mushroom plug compared to conventional kits ?

Ans) Very, Mushroom plugs are better as compared to conventional puncture kits because it seals not only the path of the puncture but the mushroom head becomes flat when the tyre is inflated, thereby sealing the inside of the puncture as well.

Q) What is the difference between Plugger and Gun Kit ?

Ans) The plugger kit uses a rotating screw mechanism to insert mushroom plug into the tyre while the Gun kit uses a Spring type action to insert mushroom head into the tyre. The gun is bigger as compared to plugger kit and also more convenient to use.

Q) Can cuts and sidewall puncture be also repaired with this kit ?

Ans) The Puncture Kit can be used to plug flat area of the sidewalls of the tyre. However, it cannot be used to fill large cuts.

Q) How do I Inflate tyre after a puncture ?

Ans) Using GrandPitstop compact inflation kit, which uses revolutionary Co2 cartridges to quickly fill pressure back to the tyre after a puncture. You can purchase inflation kits from out Inflation Kits section.

Q) Can Co2 cartridges be used for AirGuns?

Ans) Yes, Co2 cartridges can be used for AirGuns depending on your Airgun size.

Co2 cartridge size is as follows, kindly check your requirement 


Q) Can I reuse/refill Co2 cartridges?

Ans) No, Co2 cartridges cannot be reused once their sealed is opened. Neither the cartridges can be refilled again with Co2 gas after one use.

Q) How many cartridges I require to completely refill a tyre ?

Ans) Each Co2 cartridges contains about 8 liters of gas.

For Cars                                  -                           3 to 4 cartridges per tyre

For Motorcycles                     -                             2 to 3 cartridges per tyre

For Scooters                           -                            1 to 2 cartridges per tyre

For Cycles                              -                            1 cartridge per tyre

Q) Does Co2 react with my tyre or damage it ?

Ans) No, Co2 is an non-reactive by nature. It does not react with the tyre or the rim of the wheels and is a complete safe and permanent solution for inflating the tyres.

Q) How will I regulate tyre pressure ?

Ans) You have to use a tyre pressure gauge in order to regulate the tyr pressure.

Q) Would touching mushroom plug head damage it ?

Ans) No, The head of the mushroom is lubricated with silicon so that it easily goes through the nozzle without much effort. If you by mistake touch the head of the mushroom plug, simply reapply the silicon on its head again. The silicon is present in the packet the mushrooms are kept in.