FAQs - BikeGlide

Frequently asked questions - BikeGlide

Q) How stable is my motorcycle on BikeGlide ?

Ans) Very - as it is on normal ground. Locks on BikeGlide's wheels restrains movementĀ of parked motorbike. Additionally, BikeGlide has a safety strap to secure your motorcycle to it

Q) Does BikeGlide work on rough surfaces ?

Ans) BikeGlide is equipped with large wheels to work effortlessly on most surfaces like marble, wood, cement flooring. It's tougher to move on loose surface or ramp

Q) Is my motorcycle vulnerable to theft when I park it on BikeGlide ?

Ans) It's Theft proof. You can lock your BikeGlide to a wall

Q) Are BikeGlide's wheel replaceable ?

Ans) Yes, the wheels can easily be replaced

Q) I have multiple motorcycles. Do I have to buy different versions of BikeGlide for each of my Motorbike ?

Ans) The Universal variant of BikeGlide works across ALL motorbikes upto 450 kg and 260 mm tyre width.

Q) Does BikeGlide have any warranty ?

Ans) Yes, BikeGlide has a warranty of one year from the date of purchase. The warranty covers everything except physical damage done due to careless handling.