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3M Chain Cleaning Kit & Paddock Stand Combo

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Group ProductChain Cleaner 475g + Chain Lube 325g Group ProductChain Cleaner 75g + Chain Lube 75 g

GrandPitstop's Rear Paddock Stand with Swing arm rest - Black Do your Simple work of maintenance easily with GrandPitstop's Rear Paddock Stand with Swing arm Rest. The Paddock stand can be used on almost any kind of motorcycle, even it does not have swing arm mounted spools to attach the claw end of the paddock stand.

This Motorcycle Rear Paddock Stand can be used for Bikes without Spools. It is width adjustable to fit virtually all sport bikes - KTM, Ducati, Hayabusa, Triumph, Honda CBR, Mahindra Mojo, Dominar 400, Kawasaki Ninja, Yamaha R1 and others.

Made of heavy-duty steel to ensure durability, this stand is Powder coated to prevent any kind of rusting. The stand comes with an L-shaped attachment that can be placed underneath the swingarm. A rubber pad on the metal surface ensures that there the mount does not leave any scratches on the swingarm. There's another set of rubber pads below the paddock stand handle that ensures the surface that it rests on, say a tile for instance, does not get scuffed or damaged.

The Stand is designed for easy lifting of bike with minimal efforts and at the same time, ensuring the stability of bike when parked.

Typical Application:

  • Chain Cleaning
  • Chain Lubrication
  • Inspecting Tyre for punctures
  • Wheel Cleaning and Maintenance

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What makes this stand unique is :

  • The stand is engineered with a leverage ratio that makes it easy and simple to use without using any extra elongated bars.
  • The Rubber Padded Caps on the lower side which does not damages floor when stand makes an impact
  • 360 degree rotation of Swingarm Rest - Increased gripping of Swingarm
  • High quality double bearing wheels - for smooth lift and maximum stability under load
  • Extra torsional supports - for increased rigidity of the stand

Box Content:

  • Paddock Stand
  • Rubber Padded Swingarm Rest (2)
Contents 1 Paddock Stand with 2 Bobbin Forks and 2 Swing Arm Rest, 1 Chain Cleaning Brush, 1 Chain Cleaner
Dimensions 13 x 50 x 50 cm
Material Stainless steel
Weight 8.12 Kg

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