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PnP Hazard Flasher Module Bajaj (with No Auto Cutoff)

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Bajaj- No Auto Cutoff

Disclaimer: This product is compatible with Bajaj Motorcycles with Non-Auto Cut-Off System (Motorcycles whose indicator lights do not switch off automatically after you take a turn). Please contact our customer service for any queries.

The Hazard Flasher includes a Hazard Module and a Control Switch. Hazard Flasher is a Safety Feature that is installed in Motorcycles to make the bike visible from a distance while riding at high speed. Usage is advisable mostly in extreme conditions like Fog, Rain, Hilly areas. Using Hazard Flasher will give an indication to vehicles at a distance that they need to be careful while drive in your direction. This makes your ride safer in such conditions. The installation procedure is simple and does not need cutting of any wires. Hence, Bike warranty is maintained.

  • Comes with Override Feature i.e. No need to switch off Hazard Flasher Switch when giving Indicator. Indicator will automatically override and start flashing. Hazard Flasher Auto starts when Indicator is turned off.
  • 1 year Warranty.
  • Ready to fit Mountable Control Switch.
  • Runs LED and Halogen Bulb Indicators.
  • Water Resistant and Shock Proof.

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