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Combo - Gun Kit & Inflator

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This handy kit can be used for fixing punctures and inflating tyres for Motorcycles, Cars, Scooties, ATV's, Golf Cars, Lawnmowers, and small utility tires with tubeless tyres only.

With Tubeless Tyre Puncture kit – GUN and Inflator Combo, flat tyres repair will be fun.


Key Features:

  • Ideal for any Tubeless Tyre- Cars, Motorcycles, Scooties, ATVs etc
  • DIY, Easy to use – Forget Puncture Guy or Bulky Air Pumps
  • No need to remove tyre for fixing puncture
  • Fully Automatic- No additional sweat and efforts
  • Compact enough to join you for long rides
  • All tools are metallic, hence Durable
  • Universal design works with all types of valves- Presta/Schrader
  • One Cartridges can fill up to 9Litres of volume
  • Effective on the go solution - No stopping on your rides


Technical Details:

  • It seals the inner liner and fills the path of the injury – Better Technology
  • Plugs are symmetric shaped for better sealing
  • Good enough to seal as big as 5.5mm hole
  • Fills tyre in less than 30sec
  • CO2 cartridges has 128psi pressure- can attain any desired pressure in tyre
  • Does not have any adverse effects on wheel alignment


Why better than Conventional??

  • It is time saving and convenient to use on long road trips.
  • One person job and users can use it on their own- No visits to service stations
  • Tyre life is improved making the cost lesser
  • Provides permanent solution compared to conventional strips


Inside the Box:

  • Gun
  • Probe tool
  • Nozzle
  • Mushroom Plugs (6)
  • Reamer tool
  • Cutter
  • Rubber Cement
  • Adaptor
  • CO2 Cartridges (3)
  • Insulation Sleeve
  • User Manual
  • Connecting Pipe



  • When the welded seal on the canister is punctured, the canister's temperature immediately drops to -64 degrees F.
  • Please use insulation sleeve provided in the kit. Caution should still be taken not to let your skin come in contact with the metal. 
  • To AVOID FROST BURNS, always wear gloves.
Best Suitable For Bikes With Any Tubeless or Tube Tyre
Dimensions 24.1 x 15.2 x 7.6 cm
In the Box Mini Plug Tool, Probe Tool, Nozzle, Mushroom Plugs (6), Reamer, Hexon Cement, Cutter, Adaptor, Connecting Pipe, CO2 Cartridges (3), Insulation Sleeve and Instruction Manual
Material Metal, Plastic, Rubber
SKU GunInf06
Typically Used for Fixing Puncture and Inflating Tubeless or Tyre
Weight 748 g

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