Gun & Inflator Combo - Tubeless Tyre Puncture and Inflation Solution

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This handy kit can be used for fixing punctures and inflating tyres for Motorcycles, Cars, Scooties, ATV's, Golf Cars, Lawnmowers, and small utility tires with tubeless tyres only.

With Tubeless Tyre Puncture kit – GUN and Inflator Combo, flat tyres repair will be fun.


  • Can be used for Motorcycles, Cars, ATVs, Scooties, Golf Cars etc
  • Can now be easily plugged on or off the wheel
  • Better Technology for tubeless tires
  • It seals the inner liner and fills the path of injury
  • Spring mechanism makes it easier to push plug
  • Compact design
  • Super fast- Fills tyre in <30 sec
  • Fits in all valve- Presta and Schrader
  • Advanced Technology using 100% Co2 gas


 S/N. Inside Box Qty
1. Steel Canisters containing 16 grams each of 100% pure high-velocity CO2 gas 3
2. Tire valve Adapter with control knob : Fits Presta and Schrader valves; compatible with all threaded CO2 cartridges. 1
3. Insulation Sleeve. 1
4. Connecting pipe to connect tyre valve to Adapter 1
5. Zipped Pouch 1
6. Laminated Instructions 2
7. Nozzle  1
8. Tyre Plugging GUN 1
9. Probe Tool 1
10. Reaming Tool 1
11. Mushroom Plugs 6
12. Cutter 1
13. Rubber Cement 1


  • Make sure tyre is filled with air and is not completely flat before cutting the extra plug
  • While cutting extra portion of plug stem above the tyre, make sure that you have left 1-2 mm, this will help in better sealing 
  • When the welded seal on the canister is punctured, the canister's temperature immediately drops to -64 degrees F.
  • Please use insulation sleeve provided in the kit. Caution should still be taken not to let your skin come in contact with the metal. To AVOID FROST BURNS, always wear gloves.


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