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Bike Stand - Motorcycle Dolly for Parking - Medium

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Group ProductSmall (Bike wt 265 kg) Group ProductMedium (Bike wt 325 kg) Group ProductUniversal (Bike wt 450 Kg)

Medium (Bike Wt < 365 kg)

GrandPitstop’s Bike Glide is a motorcycle stand to easily move and park your bike. Maneuver “400 Kg+” Bike like its 4 kg within seconds and with minimal effort in any confined space.

Put hard work where it’s needed, not in parking!!!


Key Features:

  • Maneuver Motorcycles effortlessly into tight parking spots.
  • Bike Glide comes with three variants to suit all type of bikes.
  • DIY, one person job to get bike on and off the stand. Wheels have brakes to lock the stand in position while mounting bike
  • Additional safety strap for enhanced stability
  • Variable length extensions making it compatible for different bikes
  • Patented bending proof design. Designed and tested at IIT Delhi and 100% Made in India
  • 6 months product warranty
  • High end steel quality design with wheels designed to take heavy load
  • Powder coated steel for superb color and finish

Compatibility Factor:

Three variants to accommodate different types of bike





Bike Kerb Wt< 260 kg< 325 kg< 435 kg
Rear Tyre Width200 mm250 mm260 mm
ExamplesHD Iron 883, HD Street 750, TNT600, Ducati Scrambler, Ducati Monster, Triumph TigerHD Street Bob, HD Fatbob, Suzuki Hayabusa, Ducati DiavelHD CVO, HD Fatboy, Indian Roadmaster, Honda Goldwing, Suzuki Intruder, Triumph Rocket 3


Why go for it?

  • Parallel park your motorcycle with your car in small garage or tight parking spots !
  • We are better and cheaper than conventional dollies – Innovation at its best!
  • Perfect for any motorbike - Cruiser or Sports
  • Suits low ground clearance Motorcycles - really down to earth!
  • Can be locked to the wall using simple attachment, we keep your motorcycle fully safe and secure!
  • Rotate your bike 360 degrees and park in any direction
  • Easy to install and use – DIY, one person job

 Inside the Box:

  1. Wheel Platform
  2. Side Stand Platform
  3. T- Extension
  4. Multiple hole extension
  5. Nut Bolt And Spanner
  6. Wall Mount Lock
  7. User Manual


Technical Details:

Design features which make Bike Glide superior to other motorcycle stands


Bike Glide

Conventional stands


No. of wheels on type platform7- 96

Can move bike with less effort -Stable, durable and with longer life - With 50% lower load on wheels vs conventional dolly’s, Bike Glide has lower wear and tear of the wheels

Wheel Size2.5-3 inch2- 2.5 inchHigher load bearing capacity of the wheels with larger diameter
No of bearings1510Smoother movement even with heavy bikes
Patented Bending DesignInsensitiveLiner curveDesigned and tested at IIT Delhi
Safety factor1.150.47Designed with 2.5 times the safety factor
Bending and Deformation1.8 mm8.5 mm4.7 times less bending; 5 mm thick steel platform, now that’s tough
Anti – Skid MechanismYESNOUnique anti-skid ; Wheels have brakes that are used for stability when parked; Tie Straps provided for extra stability of bike
VisibilityYes-           Reflectors at important positions to enhance visibility at night


Load Analysis compared to existing Dolly in International market

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Best Suitable For Bikes With Weight : Less than 325 kg Tyre Size : Less than 250 mm
In the Box Wheel Platform, Side Stand Platform, Extension #1, Extension #2, Nut Bolts, Wall Mount Lock, Safety Strap, Instruction Manual
Material Steel
Typically Used for Easy Parking and Maneuvering of Bike

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