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GR Pack Anti Theft Backpack for Bikers (Carbon)

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GR PACK – Anti Theft Biker’s Backpack

The love for Motorcycle is one thing that brings us together as a community and to take care of a Rider’s safety, is GrandPitstop’s mission. Nothing haunts a Rider more than keeping his beloved memories safe on 1000 km ride. Carrying your stuff safely becomes a hassle when you go on a long ride or even your daily commute to office. GR PACK by GrandPitstop solves all your need and proves to be a Full Fledged Biker’s Backpack.
If you are a Rider - The Anti-Theft Biker’s Backpack is what you need!

Helmet Safety Pocket

Because! We all look same with our helmets on and we all have faced the same awkwardness of carrying a helmet in hand when taking a Chai break during our rides. The GR Pack ensures that your Helmet is in “SAFE POCKETS” rather than “SAFE HANDS” while you enjoy your break time without worrying about the helmet being safe.

Anti-Theft Design

The GR Pack can be accessed only from the back which makes it a safe from unauthorised access and theft. It comes with embedded Reinforced Fibre sheet which helps the backpack retain its unique shape and also resistant to cuts. It has been designed to be safer and more secure when riding motorcycle, or for daily metro commutes.

19 dedicated compartments

Conventional backpacks lack of compartments means that no matter how well you pack, it all comes out as one rolled up cloth ball and we end up struggling to untangle our Headphones with Charging Cable. The 19 organiser pockets in GR Pack will help you organise your smallest essential like Pen in a disciplined manner.

Chest and Waist Support

Along with the joy of riding, comes the pain of carrying heavy loads which cannot be put in a Saddle Bag and hence becomes the pain point on your shoulders. The GR PACK comes with a Chest support straps and Detachable Waist Support Belt, which makes your ride comfortable and reduces any stress on your shoulders.

Abrasion resistant bottom
The GR Pack comes with abrasion resistant bottom which keeps your bag safe from dusty office floor to rough terrains in Leh. A friend who is as tough as you when you ride!

25 Litre of Monster Storage

We know it is difficult to choose between a pair of Casual shoes and the Riding Boots you love. We have made the choice easy with a monstrous 25 litres of storage that is all usable and not only does it work on the bike, it also comfortably doubles up as your overnight bag with the laptop and other modern day electronic essentials thrown in.

Goodbye to Frequent Water Breaks

The GR Pack comes with an outlet for your hydration bag pipe and let you sip water while your ride with dedicated pocket for keeping hydration Bag inside the backpack. For daily Commutes, you get two 750ml Water Bottle Pockets.

Other Salient Features
1. Quick Access Pockets on Waist belt and Straps for Keys, Cards, Cash, Quick access IDs
2. Laptop Pocket can accommodate as large as 17” Screen
3. Separate Pocket for Tablet and Notebooks
4. Separate pocket for Power Bank
5. Separate Pocket for Hydration Bag
6. Luggage Case Belt
7. Breathable Cushion support at back
8. Rain Cover to ensure Safety from water

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