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UV SMART Shopping Bag Small

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Grand Pitstop’S Uv Smart Shopping Bag- Uv Disinfection Box Foldable Bag, Can Actually Help Flatten The Curve, By Neutralizing Covid-19 Spread, Through Surface Airborne Disinfection. Uv-C Has Been Used To Clean On Surfaces, In The Air And In The Water.Ultraviolet Light Destroyes Dna Rna And Has Been Proven Sterilization Rate Up To 99.9%. It’S Widely Used In Cupboard Cleaner And Cleaning Devices. Led Uv Disinfection 1. 3 Minutes For Disinfection, One-Click, Easy And Convenient To Use. 2. Powerful Disinfection, 99.9% Sterilization Rate. 3. Remove Order And Perfect Size For You To Portable Storage Anything You Want. Led Uv Light = Artificial Sunlight 3 Minutes Disinfection = 6 Hours Exposure Peace Of Mind And Save Your Time, Protect Your Healthy Life. The Grandpitstop Uv Smart Shopping Bag Comes With Ready To Use Electronics That Is Safely Confined In The Bag And A Uvc Tube That Needs To Be Attached To The Tube Holders Present Below The Top. The Grandpitstop Uv Smart Shopping Bag Is Intended To Disinfect All Kinds Of Daily Use Items That Can Easily Fit In The Bag. Disinfection Time: Once You Have Filled The Bag With The Items That Need Disinfection, Close The Lid And Turn On The Power. Disinfection Time May Vary From 5-8 Minutes Depending Upon The Quantity And The Type Of Surface Of Items Kept Inside The Bag.

Features :-

  • Kills Germs: Uv Smart Shopping Bag Kills 99.99% Pathogens In Just 5-10 Minutes By Destroying Nucleic Acids And Disrupting Their Dna
  • Silver Reflective Lining : The Bag Has A Reflective Inner Lining To Ensure Maximum Reflection Inside The Bag And Zero Uv Leakage To The Outside.
  • 100% Safe Reliable: Foldable Solid Frame With Velcro And Snap Buckle For Uvc Containment. It Has Been Tested And Certified At An Nabl Accredited Lab
  • Sanitize Anything: Disinfection Of Multiple Objects Like Masks, Phones, Gloves, Groceries, Milk Packets, Bottles, Baby Clothes, Lady;S Purses, Toys And Much More At The Same Time With Ease
  • How Uv Smart Bag Works: Generates Uv-C Rays In Germicidal Wavelength Of 254 Nm Which Is Most Effective In Sanitization Process
Brand Grand Pitstop

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