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Gun Puncture Repair Kit with Tyre Air Pressure Gauge

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Now carry your Tubeless Tyre Puncture Repair kit and Inflation Pumps along with you on your Rides!

Tubeless Tyre Puncture Repair Kit: GUN and Universal Tyre Inflation Kit is the perfect replacement to the conventional puncture strips and Huge Air Pumps.
The Mushroom Shaped plugs provides a permanent solution to the puncture while the CO2 cartridges of the Inflation kit fills the tyre in few seconds!

Unlike Electric Air Pumps and Air Handpumps for tyre inflation, GrandPitstop's Tyre Inflation kit is compact, fast, and safe!

Key Features:
- Ideal for any Tubeless Tyre- Cars, Motorcycles, Activa, Vespa, KTM, CBR, Hayabusa etc
Easy to use - Super Fast - Fix Puncture <1 min and Fills Tyre < 30 sec
Universal design of Inflator kit works with all types of tyres / valves
No need to remove tyre for fixing puncture- On the Wheel solution
Light weight and Small enough to fit in your pocket
Inflator Kit Does not require any electric power or mechanical power

Technical specifications
Welded Seal CO2 cartridges - completely safe
Does not harm tyre in any way - 100% pure CO2 Gas
CO2 cartridges has 128psi pressure- can attain any desired pressure in tyre
Mushroom Plugs are symmetric shaped for better sealing than puncture strips
Good enough to seal as big as 5.5mm hole
Does not have any adverse effects on wheel alignment

Inside Box:
Connecting pipe
CO2 Cartridges (3)
Insulation Sleeve
Probe tool
Mushroom Plugs (6)
Reamer tool
User Manual
Rubber Cement

- Tire Air Pressure Gauge - Pen type

When the welded seal on the canister is punctured, the canister's temperature immediately drops to -64 degrees F.
Please use insulation sleeve provided in the kit. Caution should still be taken not to let your skin come in contact with the metal.
To AVOID FROST BURNS, always wear gloves.


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